• Lynn Tickner

Take a Load Off

As the daughter and granddaughter of small business owners, I grew up watching and learning how a business was run and saw for myself some of the ups and downs that are par for the course.

As a freelance writer working with small companies, I began to notice the continual background noise of small businesses clamoring for the attention and money of other small businesses.

I began to reflect on all the different needs of small business owners, startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Most, if not all need branding, graphic design, web design, printing, marketing and content writing. This could result in outsourcing to at least 6, if not more other businesses and/or freelancers.

So, these business owners who are already super-busy and pressed for time have emails, phone calls, voice mails, meetings, proposals and billing coming at them from all those different sources.

I began to wonder if there was a way I could help business owners by cutting down on the complexities that often go hand-in-hand with outsourcing.

This was my inspiration for Ink & Key.

My goal is to simplify outsourcing for small business owners.

Over the past year, I’ve mobilized a small, specialized team ready to help businesses from the very beginning when they need branding, a website and a marketing strategy to promote it.

We can provide all their graphic design needs like a logo, business cards and letterhead – we’ll even take care of the printing!

Our marketing team can take care of all the content strategy, content promotion, social media marketing and advertising for them as they prepare to launch.

Our writers can create blogs, gated content, marketing emails and more to keep their business moving as they grow.

When business owners walk through our virtual front door, I want them to feel like a huge load has been lifted off their shoulders.

Our team is dedicated to simplifying life for businesses by working together with the goal of seeing each client we work with experience growth and prosperity in their business pursuits. So far, our clients are doing just that, and our team is learning to work together towards that purpose.

LinkedIn Profinder is an excellent match for Ink & Key.

Businesses are looking for help that our diverse and talented team can provide, and we hope that as we help them in one area, they’ll stick around a while and let us help them with other needs they may have.

We already know that the absolute best place to find our target audience is LinkedIn. It’s one of the social networks that is most relevant to our business, and is comprised of the business owners we seek to work with.

Our entire team appreciates LinkedIn Profinder for providing a way to connect businesses who provide services with businesses who need those services in a safe, professional context.

I have no doubt that Profinder will continue to grow as more and more business owners learn about the beneficial services they provide.

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