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The Coronavirus Has Given Us Something We Can All Use More Of

  • Dance party at my house, circa 2004

The coronavirus has given us MORE of our most valuable commodity.

Travel and events are canceled, we're practicing social distancing, many of us are working from home, and our kids are home from school.

What do we have more of now than ever before?


I don't know about you, but my to-do list is generally a mile long. I have basic things I need to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis, but I also have long-term projects that aren't necessarily urgent. These are the ones that tend to get put on the back burner. Whatever you've been putting off or delaying, now's the time to get it done.

I'm definitely not making light of the hardships many are struggling with. We are all coming together now to protect those in our communities who are the most vulnerable and doing everything we can to prevent our hospital system from being overloaded.

The thing is, though, we are going to come out of this. When we come out of this, how do you want your business to be positioned?

When Donald Miller was discussing current events with the StoryBrand Guide Community last week, he shared his thoughts about what business owners should be doing right now.

When we come out of this, how do you want to be positioned in the market? When money starts flowing, is it going to flow in your direction? It won't unless you have really great marketing collateral. Prepare your messaging now for the way forward.

Have you been considering starting a new business but haven't had time to name it?Do you have a new product that needs a name and packaging design?Have you been wanting to modernize your tired-looking logo?Have you wanted to decrease the number of site visitors who land on your website and then leave without taking action? In order to make that happen, you need to improve your web design and the words you use on your homepage.Do you need to set up your social channels for your new brand and design new headers?Have you needed the time to think through a strategy for email marketing and reaching out to current and previous customers?

Get your social media written and scheduled out for the next month or two. I use Buffer. Hey, while you're at it, get it scheduled for the rest of 2020! You can always leave room for current event posts but wow, wouldn't that be amazing to have that checked off your list for the rest of the year?

Your business might be experiencing a slowdown. However, some of those you serve are probably worse off than you. Try to determine what problems they're struggling with and see what you can do to help. If you need to innovate and change what you do and how you do it, now's the time. When things get back on track, people will remember this about you.

Are your kids at home? By kids, I mean any age. College kids are home now, too! Before you do ANY of the business stuff I mentioned, make sure you're using the time you have to make some memories with your kids. I guarantee that years later, they'll remember the time you spent with them way more than they'll remember the social distancing or the toilet paper shortage. All of this applies to you and your significant other, with or without kids. If you live alone, treat yourself! You're worth it.

Some quick ideas:

  • Eat a slow, non-rushed breakfast together. Make it special by setting the table with placemats, cloth napkins, and a candle even if you're just going to have cereal. Seriously, even the most simple things can easily be transformed into an event that everyone will remember.

  • Light a candle and make s'mores.

  • Make hot cocoa or lemonade and read a book aloud together as a family - one or two chapters at the same time every day. Oh, and snuggling when possible is highly recommended.

  • Play a board game together. Make silly rules like you have to wear a special hat when it's your turn, or you have to show off your best dance move when you roll a one.

  • Perform a fun science experiment with ingredients from your kitchen. Here are 10 fast and easy ones.

  • Turn on some music from when you were the age your kids are now and have a dance party. You know you still know all the lyrics, so show off a little bit. Yes, my 22 and 20-year old kids would roll their eyes at me for this one, however, I have photo and video evidence of awesome dance parties from years ago and I'm not afraid to use it.

  • Go for a walk. Pick flowers and put them in a vase with water and food coloring. Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk. Just make sure you get outside so that glorious Vitamin D can give your immune system a boost.

  • Work out! Need extra motivation to get off the couch? Search YouTube for a workout video. Personally, I'm a fan of Cassey Ho and Blogilates. Here's a great 12 Minutes to Toned Series plus a 14-day Quarantine Workout Plan. If you need a laugh, try this one. Laughter does boost the immune system, you know.

  • Find out what your local food bank needs and drop it off. Families who receive free meals are burdened financially now since their kids are home from school. Many of these families will be turning to food banks for help.

  • Make a care package (include toilet paper!) for an elderly neighbor or someone you know who is immunocompromised or on a fixed income. Offer to run errands for someone who is concerned about getting out.

  • Support small businesses. Restaurants are hurting right now. Order take out or delivery. Buy gift cards to use for later. Don't cancel your gym membership.

Take the valuable time you have now to make memories with the people you love, meet the needs of others, and work on your business.

Please be well, and let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Here's a virtual hug from all of us at Ink & Key. We are going to be okay.

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