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Finally, a fun and effective way to
 get unstuck and get a name
so you can move forward and
grow your brand.

Finding the right name shouldn't slow your business down. 

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Gain insight and perspective on your brand.

Get a name you'll be proud of for years to come. 

Create a clear brand message and stand out in your industry.

Brands we've worked with


Listen to what Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson have to say about working with us.


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"5 Keys to Getting a Better Name Faster"

"Lynn has been an invaluable resource during the initial stages of my startup.​ Both coaching me on branding best practices and helping me to find a name and domain that speaks to my near- and long-term vision for my business, she has enabled me to confidently accelerate forward knowing that I have set a strong foundation that will allow for limitless growth and opportunity.​  For any early-stage entrepreneur in need of branding advice or an expert opinion, work with Lynn, she’ll help get you where you want to go."


Brand Building:

Get a name and a logo

Your brand is how others feel about and understand your company, product, or service. With this in mind, interact with our naming team in our unique collaborative process and create a name and tagline that will represent your brand.


From there, work with Kara, our lead graphic designer, and help others recognize your brand with a fantastic logo and other practical brand assets. 


Design & Development:

Get a website that works

Work with us to write and create a new website or give your current site a makeover. The most expensive website is the one you had to buy twice. Our strategy helps you prevent that from ever happening!


If your message is unclear, your site visitors will look elsewhere. We will write and design a website that clearly presents what you offer, how it improves the lives of your clients, and how they can get it. 


Messaging & Marketing:

Get a plan and get out there

Get your brand message right the first time through a proven system that gets results: The StoryBrand 7-Part Framework


Work with me to develop a customized, step-by-step strategy to connect you with customers and grow your business.


Get your message right 

the first time

Confusion WILL cost you.

Most people are so close to their products or services they don't know where to start.

We confuse our customers and the message gets

lost in the noise.

Trying to clarify your brand message and marketing on your own might seem like a good move at first, but if your message is confusing, you will lose time, customers, and money.

It's just not right for you to waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t get results.


Why not get it right the first time?  


Imagine the time and money you'll save


Launch your brand with a clear message and you'll see that companies who clarify their brand message

 WIN in the marketplace

Lynn here. I'm a Certified StoryBrand Guide. I use a proven method based in neuroscience to help you build your brand's foundation and create everything you need for a full sales funnel so you can grow your business quickly as soon as you launch. 

Save time and money. 

Avoid frustration. 

Get set for success. 

We'll create a custom package that's just right for you,

or we can take it one step at a time. 

Marketing doesn't have to be hit or miss

Discover 5 proven ways to keep customers from tuning you out so your brand can get the advantage it deserves.


Contact Us

The very best way to reach us is through this little contact form, we promise. 

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