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Asmara Kazmi

Founder, AK1 Consulting

Greater Leeds Area, England, United Kingdom


"You will never meet someone more committed to helping you get your branding right. 

Lynn is an exemplary strategist and an incredibly lovely person. She is passionate about giving her clients value above all else. I've learned things from her and encountered resources that I'll probably use forever. 

She will really help you get to the heart of your message so you can start bringing in valuable customers who are as excited about your brand as you are!"

Matt Foliart

RealView VR

Greater Los Angeles Area, California


"Lynn has been an invaluable resource during the initial stages of my startup.

Both coaching me on branding best practices and helping me to find a name and domain that speaks to my near- and long-term vision for my business, she has enabled me to confidently accelerate forward knowing that I have set a strong foundation that will allow for limitless growth and opportunity.

Lynn is a pleasure to work with, she is diligent and well organized and she enjoys what she does.

For any early-stage entrepreneur in need of branding advice or an expert opinion, work with Lynn, she’ll help get you where you want to go."

Tom Adams

San Diego, California


"Rockstar talent.

That's what the Ink & Key team delivered for a client project recently

Through a well defined process, Lynn and the team helped support an incredibly diverse set of name options for my client. Then, mid-stream, we went in a completely different direction. The naming team responded to this new change with more enthusiasm. I'm delighted to have met the team and worked with them.

You will not go wrong."

Michelle Victoria Pulk

Heirloom Landing

Charleston, South Carolina


"Working with Lynn and her fabulous team was so easy! They listened to my vision and helped me bring it to life with Lynn's expertise in StoryBrand brand messaging, Kara's superb graphic design skills, and Cristian's expertise with web design I was at ease through the whole process. The team is highly responsive, kind and easy to work with. You will not be disappointed!"

Jack Marino, CFP®, CRPC®

Private Wealth Advisor

Founding Partner

Lake Hills Wealth Management

Austin, Texas


"Lynn and her team of experts did an outstanding job! They were all professional, knowledgeable and responsive from start to finish.

The end result of our website and all of our company collateral far exceeded my expectations.

We will definitely use Ink and Key again and would recommend to anyone that needs help with content creation, a website, and graphic design work."

​David Shedlarz

David Shedlarz Photography

Bluffton, SC


"Just launched a website with Ink and Key. It was a great experience from start to finish. We have created a brand, designed a website and are working on marketing. Lynn and her team have helped to integrate the process and bring our vision to life and we are very pleased! Thanks for helping us bring it all together, we highly recommend Ink & Key."

Andrew Smith

Managing Director, Five Phase Group

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


"Lynn and the team at Ink and Key did an outstanding job of developing a powerful and unique name for my security software. I can't recommend Lynn enough. Nothing was a challenge, despite me being on the other side of the world when Lynn's team were weaving their magic. The only challenge I had was trying to make a final decision from so many incredible names put forward by Lynn's team. Don't let this opportunity go by. Talk with Lynn and you will be more than impressed. Thanks again Lynn. Great job and great team."

Adam Lang

Rewind & Capture

Seattle, Washington


"For a couple years now I have been thinking about launching a charity platform that gives more kids the opportunity to play organized sports. And since this is only a side project of mine, every time I revisited my business plan, I'd always stumble upon "what am I going to name this thing?"

The creatives at Ink and Key are focused on quality vs quantity so you don't have to painfully scroll through 1000 names. They are invested and really engaged in the project. Additionally, I really liked how you could collaborate with the entire team or privately with just an individual to give guidance.

This collaboration would lead to fresh inspiration and more quality names. In the end, I struggled to pick a winner because there were three really great names.

If you are struggling to come up with a brand name, I highly recommend Ink and Key."

Rick Herbert

Prints Charming

St. Petersburg, Florida


"Where do I start? Ink & Key really made the magic happen for my company. I had an existing website that I haphazardly threw together, but realized it was wildly insufficient. I had an event to be at in less than a week, an impossible turnaround and the entire site needed an overhaul. Enter Ink & Key. Lynn and Cristian came through on so many levels.

Let's start with communication: They're FANTASTIC at understanding what you need, how you need it and more importantly when you need it. Lynn sent me a list of questions that helped me think outside the box a bit. She was really able to strategize the re-brand in a unique way. Beyond the re-brand and facelift of my site, they put in so many hours of hard work on the coding, linking, the design - night and day it seemed - to not only meet my deadline, but finish the project a day before. I only needed minimal edits to the site once they showed me their finished version, which they quickly - and I stress quickly - knocked out flawlessly.

The attention to detail, the personalized service, the quality of the build... they truly have all the bases covered. If I could give them 6 stars, I would. I really cannot thank Ink & Key enough for taking a box full of jumbled pieces and creating a streamlined, functional and beautiful piece of art that I am now proud to show my clients."

Jeff Wheelhouse


Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts


"Lynn is great and easy to work with. She put together an amazing team for the naming project; lots of people with different perspectives, but not a horde of people just throwing everything without caring about what they're naming like you get on those "contest" websites.

Ink & Key’s graphic designer, Kara, is also fantastic; not just extremely talented, but also very easy to work with.

What I like about Ink & Key, aside from being competent and easy to work with is that you get the opportunity to build a relationship so people understand what you're doing and can stay plugged in from one project to the next.

I will be following up with Ink & Key for more work for this company, and for at least one of my other companies."

Scott Crawford

International Account Executive

San Antonio, Texas


"We are very thankful to Lynn and her team.

We engaged for a naming project and were thoroughly impressed by the effort, attention and creativity from everyone.

We truly benefited, not only from incredibly creative name ideas but also from the process as a whole that gave us great all around perspective and insight relating to our brand.

I definitely recommend Ink & Key!!!"

Raj Chand, MD, FACEP

Co-founder, MedMaestro

Washington D.C. Metro Area


"My co-founder and I had the pleasure of working with Lynn and the Ink & Key team when naming our startup. The overall experience was stellar.

Lynn has hand-picked and carefully vetted her creative team. Working with a smaller group makes the process of reviewing name options and providing feedback much more streamlined. Using the Slack platform to guide the process was great and allowed us to help refine ideas.

The Ink & Key team made a difficult task seem easy, without time pressure -- and a reasonable price point. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with naming or branding.​"

William Rassman, CFP®

Prosper Point

Los Angeles, California


"Launching a new brand is a daunting task for anyone.

It's difficult to know where to begin or what questions to ask, and you'll get a thousand different opinions from a thousand different people.

Ink & Key was a life-saver for us. They did everything we asked – and worked together like a well-oiled machine!

Lynn is a fabulous quarterback and possesses phenomenal copy writing skills.

Kara's creativity and attentiveness were exactly what we needed for the logo.

Marianne's skill and honesty absolutely made the website.

The best part was that I could completely trust the team to represent our brand professionally with our ideal clients in mind. Bravo!"

Kelly Allday

Marketing Director at LubriSynHA

Hermosa Beach, California


"Lynn and her team did a great job for us.

We were in a deadlocked situation and the firm we worked with introduced us to Lynn.

We were able to have great discussions with her entire team to come up with innovative and appropriate branding. They really pushed us outside the box while still staying true to our mission.

I'd work with Lynn again in a heartbeat."

Martin Pesis

Founder at Bobber Marketing

Chicago, Illinois


"Lynn and her team at Ink & Key were amazing to work with and did an A++ job.

They on-boarded us incredibly fast and got to work right away. They delivered well above our expectations.

The team did an unbelievable job working on this project. I highly recommend working with Ink & Key!"

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