What People Say

What People Say


Adam Lang

Rewind & Capture

Seattle, Washington


"For a couple years now I have been thinking about launching a charity platform that gives more kids the opportunity to play organized sports. And since this is only a side project of mine, every time I revisited my business plan, I'd always stumble upon "what am I going to name this thing?" 

I discovered Ink and Key via Quora and noticed they had really good reviews on Facebook so I took a chance. I filled out a simple naming brief, submitted my payment and was invited to a Slack channel. 

Unlike other name focused crowdsourcing services, the creatives at Ink and Key are focused on quality vs quantity so you don't have to painfully scroll through 1000 names. They are invested and really engaged in the project. Additionally, I really liked how you could collaborate with the entire team or privately with just an individual to give guidance.


This collaboration would lead to fresh inspiration and more quality names. In the end, I struggled to pick a winner because there were three really great names.  

If you are struggling to come up with a brand name, I highly recommend Ink and Key."

Tom Adams

San Diego, California


Rockstar talent.

That's what the Ink & Key team delivered for a client project recently.


Through a well defined process, Lynn and the team helped support an incredibly diverse set of name options for my client.


Then, mid-stream, we went in a completely different direction. The naming team responded to this new change with more enthusiasm.


I'm delighted to have met the team and worked with them.


You will not go wrong. 

Matt Foliart

Virtual Reality - TBA

Greater Los Angeles Area, California


Lynn has been an invaluable resource during the initial stages of my startup.

Both coaching me on branding best practices and helping me to find a name and domain that speaks to my near- and long-term vision for my business, she has enabled me to confidently accelerate forward knowing that I have set a strong foundation that will allow for limitless growth and opportunity.


Lynn is a pleasure to work with, she is diligent and well organized and she enjoys what she does.

For any early-stage entrepreneur in need of branding advice or an expert opinion, work with Lynn, she’ll help get you where you want to go.

Scott Crawford,

International Account Executive

San Antonio, Texas


We are very thankful to Lynn and her team.


We engaged for a naming project and were thoroughly impressed by the effort, attention and creativity from everyone.


We truly benefited, not only from incredibly creative name ideas but also from the process as a whole that gave us great all around perspective and insight relating to our brand.


I definitely recommend Ink & Key!!!

Raj Chand, MD, FACEP

Co-founder, MedMaestro

Washington D.C. Metro Area


My co-founder and I had the pleasure of working with Lynn and the Ink & Key team when naming our startup. The overall experience was stellar. 

Lynn has hand-picked and carefully vetted her creative team. Working with a smaller group makes the process of reviewing name options and providing feedback much more streamlined. Using the Slack platform to guide the process was great and allowed us to help refine ideas.

The Ink & Key team made a difficult task seem easy, without time pressure -- and a reasonable price point. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with naming or branding.

William Rassman


Los Angeles, California


Launching a new brand is a daunting task for anyone.


It's difficult to know where to begin or what questions to ask, and you'll get a thousand different opinions from a thousand different people.


Ink & Key was a life-saver for us. They did everything we asked – and worked together like a well-oiled machine!

Lynn is a fabulous quarterback and possesses phenomenal copy writing skills.


Kara's creativity and attentiveness were exactly what we needed for the logo.


Marianne's skill and honesty absolutely made the website.


The best part was that I could completely trust the team to represent our brand professionally with our ideal clients in mind. Bravo!

Martin Pesis

Founder at Bobber Marketing

Chicago, Illinois


Lynn and her team at Ink & Key were amazing to work with and did an A++ job.


They on-boarded us incredibly fast and got to work right away. They delivered well above our expectations.


The team did an unbelievable job working on this project.


I highly recommend working with Ink & Key!

Kelly Allday

Marketing Director at LubriSynHA 

Hermosa Beach, California


Lynn and her team did a great job for us.


We were in a deadlocked situation and the firm we worked with introduced us to Lynn.


We were able to have great discussions with her entire team to come up with innovative and appropriate branding. They really pushed us outside the box while still staying true to our mission.


I'd work with Lynn again in a heartbeat.

Jeppe R. Andersen,

CEO Nordic Bioscience

Clinical Development A/S

Herlev, Denmark


Choosing Ink & Key's mini-crowdsourcing experience was a great decision when my company needed to rebrand.


The creative team provided many more names than we expected. They responded quickly to my feedback, and were quick to refine their ideas.


I enjoyed the time I spent interacting with each person on the team, and highly recommend their services.

Tariq Aqel,

Senior Manager - Human Capital Consulting

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Great experience!

I signed up and completed the questionnaire on Thursday night. On Friday, the whole team (10 branding professionals) was prepared and they started suggesting names, each on a separate private chatting channel, I was discussing with each of them and giving them feedback, and they would suggest other names that are closer to what I was looking for, after checking the availability of the domain names.


By the end of Friday, I had 5 great alternatives that I can use for my business. I spent the weekend talking to friends and checking which name they like most, and by Monday, I decided on which great name I would choose.

Being able to chat with each person in the team made a huge difference. I don't think I would have had the same experience if I used other naming contest websites.

Thank you Ink and Key. I was totally stuck with the name and now I have a name, a website, and a tagline.

Andy King,

Entrepreneur, Helicopter Pilot

Founder/CE, Flyt Aviation Ltd.

London, United Kingdom


I engaged Lynn Swords from Ink & Key after reading her intelligent response on Quora about whether startups should use crowdsourcing to name their businesses. Lynn was obviously knowledgeable about the subject and I liked the name Ink & Key which was a good sign.


Lynn offered a unique approach whereby she runs a mini-crowdsourcing round using professional marketers. The questionnaire Lynn sent made it obvious we were dealing with professionals who wanted to understand our brand's personality and target audience.


Lynn setup a Slack project that was soon buzzing with creative suggestions. The team suggested names and we gave feedback to refine their efforts. There were some excellent suggestions, and then one golden nugget dropped out which we think is perfect for our brand.


We were really delighted with the process and the result. I would highly recommend this unique experience to help any business or startup with their naming and other creative needs.​​

John Estrada

Partner at Center Pond Management, L.P.

New York, New York


Just finished working with Ink & Key and if you are thinking of bringing on a naming consultant, you should absolutely go with them! From start to finish they were very responsive and the team was extremely welcoming of feedback. The names each of them came up with were creative and unique and throughout the process I was constantly surprised. I ended up with a name I am extremely happy with, tho picking it was a challenge as it was among many other strong candidates. Great service and well worth it!

DustyFarber, CES® 
CEO/Founder at Centric Capital Advisors

Los Angeles & Santa Barbara, California


​Lynn Swords has become indispensable to our business.


Her ability to take technical financial material and distill it into bite size pieces that are both educational and entertaining is unique. 


Once she understands the scope and feel of a project, she is off and running!


Always a professional and a pleasure to work with; Lynn makes our relationship practical and a pleasure.​​

Jack Marino, CFP®, CRPC®
Private Wealth Advisor
Founding Partner

Lake Hills Wealth Management

Austin, Texas


Lynn and her team of experts did an outstanding job!


They were all professional, knowledgeable and responsive from start to finish.


The end result of our website and all of our company collateral far exceeded my expectations.


We will definitely use Ink and Key again and would recommend to anyone that needs help with content creation, a website, and graphic design work. 

Sarah Duncan

Chief Executive Officer at Acularo

Melbourne, Australia


Lynn and her team at Ink & Key were fabulous at presenting a wide range of options for our new company name and tagline.  


Lynn was amazingly supportive and understanding, and the team was patient and remained positive even in the face of 3 changes of directions!  


And best of all, everyone on the team read the brief so there was NO wasted time wading through a plethora of irrelevant, machine generated or just wrong suggestions.


We are very happy with the end result. 

Hans Lambert Pedersen,

Digital Product Developer

Central Region, Denmark


Naming your business is tough.


Like any creative process it has its ups and downs.


I am glad I had Lynn and her team at Ink & Key helping through this! They are energetic, creative and very hard working.


I'm thankful for your help!

Jack Chung

VP Technology Innovation at Benecaid Health Benefit Solutions Inc.

​Toronto, Canada


Just wrapped up a naming project with the Ink & Key team. The experience has been stellar and I'm very happy with the name selected in the end.


I have actually launched a parallel contest on another platform, with over a thousand names submitted and the final winner name came from this team.

Unlike the other platforms where you had to end the contest on a certain day, this team has been very patient and flexible with me. They really wanted me to find the name that I loved.


I had been very slow in my selection process (to a point that it frustrates myself!) due to rounds of audience testing and surveys, as well as trying to please multiple stakeholders on my side.


The Ink & Key team just kept on supplying more names, making changes in directions and tweaks based on my feedback until I'm finally happy. Great job!

Scott Lloyd Henning

Long Beach, California



Ink & Key is awesome! We use their copywriting services along with their reputation monitoring for our social media accounts.

Michael did a great job managing and responding to customers across our various social channels. He took off running and was very low maintenance but his work was high quality!

Lynn is an awesome copywriter. She really tries to learn as much as she can about your product, service, background, etc. Her words generally feel like my thoughts communicated more effectively and concisely.

Alexander Binzer

J.C. Binzer Microfiltration


Munich, Germany


My company worked with Ink & Key on a rebranding project.


Lynn and her team were very easy to work with and produced high-quality output.


The whole process took less time than I expected it to as processes ran smoothly and response rates were high.

I would definitely work with Ink & Key again and would recommend them to others.

Cathy LaTorre

Holactic Health

Bedminster, Pennsylvania


When I decided to put together a website for my lactation consulting business, I knew I wanted one as professional looking as possible. I didn't know how or where to look.


A friend listened to what I wanted to achieve, and gave me the number of Ink and Key web site design services. After talking with Lynn Swords, owner of Ink and Key, she placed me with a designer who had a similar background of healthcare knowledge as myself.


Marianne created a magnificent website for me and made it personal, informative, and simply gorgeous (the pictures she chose are breath-taking)!


I'm so excited to share this site with new moms, friends and relatives. I feel so proud of this accomplishment, and thankful to have worked with Marianne, who never missed a beat while we worked on this site.She was always attentive and available for all my questions.


I highly recommend Marianne for designing your website, you'll be very happy with your finished product!

C.J. Moore

Owner, Juno's Bay



Lynn and her team were wonderful to work with.


The process of naming my brand and developing a logo was really enjoyable and I am very happy with the result.


I look forward to working with Ink & Key in the future.

Zach Burnett

Owner at Burnett Pinnacle Painting, LLC

Lexington, South Carolina


Lynn was a pleasure to work with when starting my company.


She is super sweet, detail-oriented and truly cares about her customers.


She and her team knocked my logo design out of the park and at a fair price.


I would highly recommend anyone looking to start a business or needing help in this space to contact Lynn for professional guidance.


Cristian Rolland Tăbârcă,

Founder & CEO at SeeDesine 

Cluj Napoca, Romania


Lynn from Ink & Key, LLC is a true professional. I have hired Lynn and she exceeds expectations with quality work.


She has a true eye for detail, content creation and is truly capable of exceptional things. I believe that Lynn could work on most any marketing types of projects. She clearly has impressive experience in content creation and offers amazing value!


Do not hesitate to hire Ink & Key, LLC if you can, you will not regret it! Thank you very much Lynn!

John Downs, MBA
President at Downs Digital Marketing

Denver, Colorado​


I do not remember how Lynn and I met. I am just glad we did.


I was in need for a talented copywriter and she appeared.


She is a great writer who enthusiastically tackles projects. She puts in great creative effort even on the most mundane subject matters.


I look forward to working with Lynn in the future.


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