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Get the benefit of diverse creative naming approaches without the security risk or overwhelm of crowdsourcing. Ink & Key gives you exclusive access to our secure, closed team of talented and experienced branding experts. You have the freedom to collaborate with team members individually, offer feedback about ideas, and relay updates to the whole team as we work closely with you throughout the creative process. Instead of competing with each other to win a contest, our team is unified by one purpose: to create a name for your business or product that will serve as a firm foundation for everything you want your brand to be. 

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Please note: When you submit your proposal and payment, we will email you a questionnaire you can fill out and and submit.  

"I have to say when dealing with companies or people online, you never know what you're going to get, and a  lot of times it feels impersonal. However, working with you guys was a great experience and I don't think it could have gone any better."

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What are the pros and cons of crowdsourcing your business name? What's the difference between crowdsourcing and mini-crowdsourcing? 

Preliminary Trademark Screening

Once you have a shortlist of creative name ideas from the team, book a preliminary trademark screening.


Narrow down your choices, offset attorney fees, and get the best brand names to market.  




If you want to avoid the overwhelm and potential security issues of a large crowdsourcing platform while enjoying the advantage of the diverse naming approaches of our full, closed team this is the package for you.

✔ Name
✔ Full Team (up to 13)
✔ Slack Workspace
✔ Personal input from Lynn as needed


Name + Tagline


The perfect package if you need a name and tagline and want to narrow down your choices, offset attorney fees, and get the best brand names to market.

✔ Name 
✔ Tagline
✔ Full Team (up to 13)
✔ Slack Workspace
✔ Personal input from Lynn as needed
✔ Preliminary Trademark Screen for up to 3 names


Curated + Complete Brand Identity Package


No time to collaborate and provide feedback? No problem. Let Lynn manage your project for you so your time commitment is minimal. Upon request, quotes for additional collateral like business cards, letterhead, social media headers, or product packaging design will be provided.

✔ Name
Complete Team (up to 18)
Slack Workspace
Personal input from Lynn as needed
Curated shortlist of up to 6 name candidates with pros and cons of each 
Preliminary Trademark Screen for up to 3 names
Up to 3 logo mockups of final name candidates
Custom Logo Design
Brand Style Guide

Phone Consults with Lynn as Needed

Need a package that's a better fit for your budget?

Check out our Solopreneur Special.


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