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Preliminary Trademark Screening

Preliminary Trademark Screening

Save time, money, and get the best creative business names to market. 

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"What a wonderful service you have!!! I've really enjoyed working with all of you. It's awesome!! Like one big brain thinking together. Loved it so much I just started another project with you." 

How it Works


Don't miss the opportunity to catch potential trademark conflicts early to better manage your costs.

If you're struggling to make a final decision, the screening process can help you narrow down your shortlist. 

Prescreen your favorite names before sending them to your trademark attorney. 


Ready to book your preliminary trademark screening?

Please fill out and submit the quick booking form below.  


Once you've completed the form, make your payment here. 

Get the Fact

Get the Facts

  • How Does a Naming Project Work?
  • How Long Does a Project Take?
  • What is Mini-Crowdsourcing?
  • What About Domains?
  • What About Trademarks?
  • Do You Do Audience Testing?
  • Will I Be Working With a Team for All Your Services?
  • What If I Don't Have Time to Give Feedback to Your Team?
  • Do You Design Logos?
  • Do You Design Websites?
  • What is a Brand Messaging Guide?
  • What is a BrandScript and Why Does My Business Need One?
  • What is a One-Liner and Why Does My Business Need One?
  • What is a Full Sales Funnel and Why Does My Business Need One?
TM Screening Form

Booking Form

Make your Payment

After you complete and submit your booking form, make your PayPal payment here, and we'll get started.



Screening for one name (including registrars inside or outside the United States): $200

Each additional name (including registrars inside the United States): $50 

Each additional name (including TM registrars outside the United States): $60

For a preliminary trademark screening of up to 3 names, please pay using the PayPal button below.

If you'd like us to screen more than 3 names, you may use this link:

If you'd prefer a different payment method, please contact Lynn in your naming project or via email. 

Choose your payment amount from the dropdown box: 



Contact Lynn via email or direct message in your naming project.

TM Payment
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