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How Does a Naming Project Work?

How Long Does a Project Take?

What About Domains?

What is Mini-Crowdsourcing?

What About Trademarks?

Do You Do Audience Testing?

Will I Be Working With a Team for All Your Services?

What If I Don't Have Time to Give Feedback to Your Team?

Do You Design Logos?

Do You Design Websites?

What is a Brand Messaging Guide?

What is a BrandScript and Why Does My Business Need One?

What is a One-Liner and Why Does My Business Need One?

What is a Full Sales Funnel and Why Does My Business Need One?

*Trademarks: We offer Preliminary Trademark Screening. This can help you narrow down your shortlist, and it can offset trademark attorney costs before you order a full clearance search with counsel. We still recommend utilizing the services of a trademark attorney, and upon request, we will introduce you to the one we trust, but we recommend preliminary trademark screening first. Learn more here: Preliminary Trademark Screening

**Our Branding Project Agreement may be found near the end of the Branding Questionnaire. If you'd like to preview the questionnaire and the agreement, look for the gray button "Preview Branding Questionnaire" near the top of the Get a Name Now page.  


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