The shortest path to getting your business moving


Get the clarity, strategy, and practical stuff you need so you can stay on track, build a strong brand, and get your business going.

Our 12-month program is like an all-inclusive personal trainer for:

your shiny new business idea 💎

your half-baked, stalled-out business 🧁

your current business that's underperforming, feeling stale, or needing a fresh start 👟


Get a 3-step monthly Go Plan, plus coaching, resources, and community support to help you stay on track.



Get a brand message, logo, website, expert support, and much more - all included as part of your monthly membership.



See your idea through to completion and be the proud owner of a successful business.


Starting a business can be overwhelming,
but it doesn't have to be.

We understand what it’s like to feel alone and totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of to-do’s involved in getting your business on its feet. That’s why we created the Business Get Going Sprint.


We make sense out of allll the things.

We simplify your to-do’s into 3 manageable chunks each month.

In 12 months, your business will be on its feet.

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Be the proud owner of

a strategically built-out brand

that attracts, engages, and delights your customers.

Building a business is overwhelming.

It’s hard to get started and stay on track.


The Sprint has your back.


We lead you step by step from dream to done.


Get growing today

Reserve your spot now and get one month FREE, starting at $499/month.


Stop Stalling Out

When it comes to starting a business, you know consistency is key. You want to do it right, but you're overwhelmed with everything you need to do, and you're not sure where to start or how to get help.

Join our 12-month Business Get Going Sprint and be unstoppable as you accomplish major milestones each month without fail!

We've figured this out so you don't have to. 

Stay on track with a 3-step plan each month and get set up for success.  


The first time I chatted with Lynn she generously shared not just good business name ideas (which they were). She brought context and principles to how someone should go about deciding their organization’s name for the future. Pick someone who’s generous, intelligent and really good at what they’ve basically come to the right place.


Evan Cox

Owner - Cox Consulting


Just launched a Wix website with Ink and Key. It was a great experience from start to finish. We have created a brand, designed a website and are working on marketing. Lynn and her team have helped to integrate the process and bring our vision to life and we are very pleased! Thanks for helping us bring it all together, we highly recommend Ink & Key.


David Shedlarz

David Shedlarz Photography


The Business Get Growing Sprint will …

Clear your head so you can skip the overwhelm

Keep you organized so you work on your stuff in the right order

Save you money because you’ll get your marketing right the first time

Motivate you so you can make progress toward your goals

Support you so you have a place to turn with questions

Grow your confidence so you can boldly step into your new future

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Are you tired of wasting time and money hopping from one freelancer platform to the next in hopes you’ll find someone who can deliver everything you need? 

When you piece together your logo and website and everything else from different sources, you end up with results that aren't connected to a brand strategy or clear brand message.

When potential customers encounter confusion, they're going to go elsewhere.

  • So many new business owners try to SAVE money by DIYing their logo and website.

  • Then they SPEND money on advertising to drive people to their website.

  • IF the ads work, when customers land on the website, they'll see the DIY design and the confusing content and BUH-BYE! 👋 They're gone. 

There's a better way!

Save time. (Stop wasting it.)

Save money. (Seriously, stop wasting it.)

Reach the audience you want to reach. (Yaaaas!)

Do things right the first time (You've got this.)


What's included? (Ready? It's a lot.)

 A manageable 3-step plan each month for 12 months

 A clear brand message

 A professionally designed logo

 A brand guide

 A professionally designed website

 A lead-generator

 Social media headers

 Social media post templates

 Sales emails

 Nurturing emails

 Guidance on setting up systems and processes

 A marketing roadmap

 Monthly challenges

 Monthly coaching and check-ins

 A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to cheer you on and help you stay motivated

 Group collaboration and think tanks

 Access to industry experts who will pop into our community once a month for a Q & A on a specific topic, like design, sales, copywriting, email marketing, ads, systems, and more

 A growing resource library



Here's how it works


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Paying for your first month saves you a spot in the membership launch - we'll let you know when it's go time!  


Choose Your Track

Choose the track that's the best fit for your business and your budget.


Say Yes to Success

Enroll in the 12-month membership and get set up for success! 


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll help you figure out all the nuts and bolts of all the things, including: 

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✓ Professional semi-custom logo

✓ Semi-custom social media headers

 1-page brand style guide

✓ Semi-custom 3-page website

 2 group coaching sessions

✓ Access to Live Guest Expert Q&A Sessions

 Slack Community Membership

✓ Resource Library

✓ Marketing Roadmap Outline (DIY)

  • Website

  • Lead Generator PDF

  • 5 Email Sales Sequence/Nurturing

  • Personalized Brand Message


✓ Professional semi-custom logo

✓ Semi-custom social media headers

 1-page brand style guide

✓ Semi-custom 3-page website

 3 group coaching sessions

✓ Access to Live Guest Expert Q&A Sessions

 Slack Community Membership

✓ Resource Library

1:1 Marketing Roadmap Session (Done with you)

  • Website

  • Lead Generator PDF

  • 5 Email Sales Sequence/Nurturing

  • Personalized Brand Message


✓ Professional Custom logo

✓ Custom social media headers

 Custom social media post templates

 3-page brand style guide

✓ Custom 3-page website PLUS 2 additional sales/landing pages

 4 private 1:1 coaching sessions

✓ Access to Live Guest Expert Q&A Sessions

 Slack Community Membership

✓ Resource Library

✓ Customized Marketing Roadmap (Done for You)

  • Website

  • Lead Generator PDF

  • 5 Email Sales Sequence/Nurturing

  • Personalized Brand Message


The Entrepreneur's Pre-Launch Worksheet

10 Key Questions to Address Before You Start Your New Business


Need more details?

No problem. 

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