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Naming Resources

We pulled back the curtain for you so you'll know exactly what to expect from the very beginning of our process all the way to choosing a name. As one of our priority naming clients, just say the word and you'll be first in line to keep working with Lynn and the rest of her team to transform your new name into a brand you'll be proud of. 


For best results, please watch Choosing a Name before you complete your questionnaire. 

1. Getting Started

This video covers how to start a project with us, what happens after you pay, the emails you'll get, the questionnaire process, and how to sign your NDAs.

2. Viewing Ideas

48 hours after you submit your questionnaire, you'll get an invitation to a Slack workspace created for your project. This video goes over what it's like to log onto Slack for the first time plus some excellent tips about viewing ideas and providing feedback to the team. 

3. Choosing a Name

Watch this video before completing your questionnaire - it contains some tips on how to provide creative freedom to my team so you won't miss out on any amazing names. This video includes my best tips on how to go about making that final decision.  

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