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Do I need Donald Miller's Small Business Flight Plan and Small Business Flight School?

Updated: May 1, 2023

An image of the Small Business Flight Plan: The 6-Step Plan to Grow Your Business
The Business Made Simple Small Business Flight Plan

Every small business is different.

Every small business has different problems.

Every small business needs to solve those problems if the owner expects to grow and increase revenue.

Even business owners who don't want to increase their revenue (um, why, but okay...) still need to maintain the business at the current level to prevent an unexpected and unwelcome downturn.

That's where Donald Miller comes in. In his new book, How to Grow Your Small Business, he uses an airplane metaphor to compare six parts of an airplane to six parts of a small business. It's brilliant, and it works.

In the book, Miller, the CEO of Business Made Simple, lays out a clear plan of action to improve each part of your small business.

Just like each part of an airplane, each part of your business is crucial. When one part isn't right, the entire operation isn't going to fly. One excellent perk of Flight Plan and Flight School is you have the freedom to start working on the part of your business that needs the most attention first.

What are the six parts of Donald Miller's Flight Plan and Flight School airplane metaphor?

The cockpit of the airplane is your small business leadership.

The right engine of the airplane represents your marketing.

The left engine of the airplane represents sales.

The wings of the airplane represent your products or services.

The body of the airplane represents your overhead and operations.

The airplane's fuel tanks are your cash flow.

The Difference Between the Business Made Simple Flight Plan and Flight School

Donald Miller's Small Business Flight Plan is the operating system to ensure your small business operates in top condition, all the time. If you run a small business, you want to run Flight Plan. If you want to increase your revenue and profit, the Business Made Simple Flight Plan tells you exactly what to do.

Donald Miller has a knack for taking complicated business concepts and breaking them down into easy-to-understand parts.

Just like there are six main parts to your business, there are six main steps to optimize your small business for revenue and profit.

The Small Business Flight Plan features one playbook for each of the six parts of your business.

Which part of your business needs the most attention first? Start the Flight Plan playbook for that part. If your overhead and operations need an overhaul, start with the overhead and operations playbook, AKA the body of the airplane. The logical exercises in each playbook walk you through what you need to do.

So, what's the difference between Business Made Simple's Flight Plan and Flight School?

The Small Business Flight Plan is like a nutrition program for your business.

The Small Business Flight School takes the plan to the next level and is like a personal trainer for your small business.

The Small Business Flight PLAN is free.

The Small Business Flight Plan can be found at the end of the How To Grow Your Small Business book or you can download your Flight Plan for free here.

The Small Business Flight SCHOOL is $2495. Ready to buy it and start right away? Here's the link.

Instead of being hopeful for future growth as soon as you have time to do all the things, Flight School will help you optimize your business in only six months.

Why is Flight School $2495? Because it's a product that allows you to get every single part of your business optimized for profit and growth in only six months. You're paying for organization, accountability, support, and speed.

It's one thing to know what to do, and it's another thing to actually put that knowledge into action and do it. This is why people need more than a plan. They need action steps and accountability and support to actually get stuff done.

Knowledge is great, but the ability to translate that knowledge into action steps and then follow through is another. That's why Donald Miller and the Business Made Simple team created the Small Business Flight School. Instead of reading the book and the flight plan, nodding your head, and saying to yourself, "Yeah, this sounds great. Makes sense. We should do this," and then putting it on the back burner as you get back to all those emails you need to reply to, you can be confident you and your team will have what you need so you can actually follow through.

In The Small Business Flight School, Donald Miller has taken the 21 most critical steps you need in order to overhaul your entire business and set it all up for you so all you have to do is step in and go! No more guesswork and no more letting the tyranny of the urgent win the day.

You and your team will have everything you need for follow-through to achieve the BIG SUCCESS and health for the continued growth your small business needs and deserves.

The Business Made Simple Flight School helps you optimize all 6 parts of your business. It offers organization, accountability, and the speed you need to get results.

Small Business Flight School provides lessons, exercises, and a Flight School Checklist to keep everything organized. You'll set big goals before you get started. If you've checked every box on the checklist and completed your exercises, Donald Miller believes Flight School will keep you on track to reach your revenue goals, whether it's a 20% increase, a 30% increase, or even doubling your revenue!

Do you have questions? Would you like to talk about what your business needs? Please schedule a free Zoom call with me right here. I'd love to meet you and learn more about your small business.

If you are wondering whether you should choose the free Business Made Simple Flight Plan or invest $2495 in the Business Made Simple Flight School, let's talk!

(FYI: Since I'm a StoryBrand Certified Guide, most links in this article are affiliate links. This is a marketing lesson in action. Want to be a successful company? Be generous and help other people succeed.)

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