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12 Ways to Name Your Business: An Interactive Infographic

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Hover over the categories for tips, and tap or click the icons for examples. To see the infographic in its full glory, tap or click on the menu icon on the lower right, then the square icon.

It's entirely possible that there are 50 ways to name your business, but I didn't want to confuse the title of my post with the name of Paul Simon's song any more than necessary. Plus, most of us barely have time for 12, let alone 50.

The first thing to realize is that ultimately, your business name isn’t about you. It’s about your audience. If the name you choose doesn’t connect in some way with them, you could be sunk before you have a chance to get started.

The connection begins with your name, but will continue with how it’s presented. The right tagline can bring your new name to life. A stellar logo can define your name and provide needed depth. This is only the beginning of how your identity as a business will start to take shape. After all, none of us actually want just a name. We want a brand. Right?

When it comes to naming your company, it’s important to think through your priorities. What’s important to you?

Do you want your name to be so descriptive that no one has to guess what your company does and how you do it?

Do you want to create curiosity about your startup by using a metaphorical name that makes people want to learn more?

Would you like to earn brand loyalty immediately because your clever name makes your customers smile?

Are you willing and able to use your advertising dollars to back up a made-up name with a brand story that will stick?

I should note that categorizing names is subjective. Many of these categories overlap. Some of the examples in one category may fit nicely into another. What I call made-up words, you may prefer to call modified words. What I call compound words, you might call mash-ups. It’s all good.

I hope the infographic is not only entertaining, but helpful to any of you who may be in the midst of trying to come up with a name for your business. Whether you’re a startup just beginning to brainstorm names, a well-established company who is rebranding, a business owner wondering what type of name is the best fit for you or a habitual reader of random infographics, please share your comments, questions or corrections. I’m interested!

If you’d like some help in coming up with a name, feel free to check out our mini-crowdsourcing experience. You'll find a short slideshow that explains our process and a human-friendly questionnaire to fill out if you'd like to get started right away. Working with our creative branding team is affordable, interactive and effective. Plus, it’s fun.

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