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How Does a StoryBrand Brandscript Help Me With Social Media Posts For My Business?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

If you clicked through to take a quick peek at this but you're not 100% sure what in the land a StoryBrand brandscript even is, head over here to read this article first, and then come on back to see how your brandscript will help you know what to post on your business social media accounts.

So, you have your brandscript ready to go for your business. Congrats on that! You've laid the foundation for a super clear brand message.

  • This means your customers won't have to burn lots of brain calories trying to understand how you solve their problems.

  • They are totally going to connect YOU and YOUR BRAND with the solution they are desperate for.

  • They're going to know how you solve their problem.

  • They're going to know what they need to do to hire you to do it.

When a customer experiences clarity like this, they are more likely to click your call to action button because they haven't spent all their brain calories digging through your content trying to figure stuff out.

If you've worked with me or another StoryBrand Certified Guide, you may even have a Brandscript Guide or Brand Messaging Playbook, which is an awesome tool that helps you answer this question: Now that I have my brandscript, what the heck do I do with it?

You know how companies use a brand style guide? Brand style guides are handy reference tools with all the colors and fonts and stuff in it so the visual representation of a brand is consistent.

Without these guidelines, people in a company might decide to get creative, like Dwight might take it upon himself to improve the Dundler Mifflin logo with a little pop of beet red Comic Sans, since, after all, he is the assistant to the regional manager.

A brand messaging playbook is like a VERBAL version of a brand style guide. Instead of showing you all the visual stuff, like your logo, colors, and fonts, it shows you what words to use to talk about yourself as a brand.

This way, no matter who on your team is talking or posting or writing about your business, your brand message will be consistent. For your target audience, this is awesome because no matter where they encounter your brand, whether it's in an email, a social media post, a Facebook ad, a blog post, your website content, or even in conversation, they will get a clear and consistent message.

How do we know it's going to be a clear and consistent message? Because you are going to use the exact same ingredients to create your stuff every single time.

A brandscript has 7 parts. Each part is like a chord on a guitar. Once you've got those 7 chords down, you can play lots of different songs. Also, you won't be stumped when you're trying to figure out what to post. All you have to do is go to your brandscript and decide what part or parts of your brandscript you want to use, then dive in. It's easier than you think!

Ready for an example?

The 7 parts of a StoryBrand Brandscript are:

a Character (Luke Skywalker - who wants to defeat the Empire)

with a Problem (The evil empire is out to get him)

meets a Guide (Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi)

who gives them a Plan (Trust the Force)

and calls them to Action (Fight)

that helps them avoid Failure (The Rebellion loses)

and results in Success (The Rebellion crushes the Empire)

Let's assume Obi-Wan Kenobi is the business owner here, because, you know, as the business owner, you must position yourself as the guide so you can help your customer, who is the hero of the story.

Obi-Wan plops himself down in front of his laptop with a sigh. He knows he needs to put SOMETHING up on social media today, but he has no idea what to post. He can't post about the upcoming sale on lightsabers since he just did that yesterday. Somehow, he needs to find a way to provide value to his target audience.

Then he remembers his brandscript! He decides to focus on success, throw in a little empathy, and try to engage his audience with a question.

Social Post #1:

Do you ever feel like an entire evil empire is out to get you? You're not alone. Imagine what your life could be like every day if you and your friends crushed that evil empire. Never worry again about being chased by TIE Fighters when you take your X-wing out for a quick blue milk run. What are some things you plan to do after the Empire is finally defeated?

In the next post, he chooses to focus on his authority as a Guide and decides to use a customer testimonial. Easy!

Social Post #2:

Obi-Wan was there for me when I needed him most. I was stranded and alone in the desert, trying in vain to use an old broomstick to defend myself from stormtroopers when Obi-Wan came to my rescue. He encouraged me to rise up and fight, and taught me how to use The Force to control my new light saber, which, by the way, I got on sale with an awesome coupon! I highly recommend hiring Obi-Wan for all your Jedi training needs. - Anakin S.

For his last post of the week, he decides it's time to call his customers to action and lead them there with his clear plan.

Social Post #3:

When you're fighting an evil empire, don't entrust your victory to any old relic you find in a cave. You need a weapon that is not only ergonomic but also responds to your will.* You deserve an authentic Kenobi Lightsaber. Here's how it works.

  1. Buy your saber now.

  2. Trust the Force and fight the Empire.

  3. Enjoy your Vader-Free life in the New Republic.

*results may vary

Now, go back to your brandscript, pick one or two of the 7 parts, and write your post.

Still stuck? Think about the words your customers use when talking about their problem. You know, the problem YOU solve? Now, use those words in your social post. If they tell you they're feeling frustrated, use the word frustrated in your social post. If they want to become a leader in the industry, use the phrase "industry leader" in your post. If there is an injustice associated with their problem, name it in your post, and also say how you are going to step in and make it right.

➡️If you'd like to create a StoryBrand brandscript or improve the one you already have, attending the StoryBrand Livestream Marketing Workshop (coming up Dec. 6-7, 2021) is an AMAZING experience! You'll complete your brandscript with the help of a coach (me!) and also get training on how to build your sales funnel. Save your spot and come hang out with me virtually for 2 days! If you want my early bird freebies, register here by 11/29/21. (If this date is in the past, head to that page anyway and you'll see updated dates for the next event!)

Questions? Contact me via the quick form on my site or schedule a call with me and I'd be happy to chat with you about how a brandscript can help you figure out what words to use to talk about yourself as a business so your message is clear and your customers pay attention.

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