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StoryBrand Website Examples for 2024 from a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

How do I use a StoryBrand brandscript on my website?

This is one of the main questions I hear over and over from clients I work with

I’ve been a StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2019, and one of the things I’ve loved doing is participating as a coach in the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream several times a year. I’ve coached small business owners, artists, startup owners, serial entrepreneurs, church staff, e-commerce business owners, and nonprofit representatives during the workshop. Guess what? StoryBrand worked for them and it can work for you too! 

I’ve found that showing is sometimes better than telling. I know if I’m trying to learn something, I love to see examples.

If you’ve been on the search for fresh, modern examples of StoryBrand websites, I’ve pulled together a few for you right here.

One thing I tend to share with clients over and over is the fact that the StoryBrand narrative framework is an excellent tool we keep in our marketing toolbelts at my creative agency, Ink and Key. But it’s not the only tool we use. 

We use the tried and true principles of StoryBrand in the context of everything else going on with your business and especially everything else going on with your customer. 

That’s why a lot of our StoryBrand website examples aren’t necessarily cookie-cutter websites that look exactly like every other website using the StoryBrand framework. 

StoryBrand principles are the best guide in the world to help you build a strong, clear message for your business which you can then apply to all your marketing, including your website. But using StoryBrand doesn’t put you in jail and make you do everything the same way everyone else does it. 

The 7-part framework frees you up to be verbally consistent with your brand, which helps your customers memorize you because they are hearing the same 7 talking points from you, presented in different ways, over and over again. 

This is the battle we all face as businesses, isn’t it? 

Getting people to remember us when that magical buying moment arrives. 

  • They have money and they want to spend it. 

  • They’ve finally reached the point where they are DONE and they are ready to solve this problem once and for all. 

  • Now - what brand do they associate with the solution to that problem??? 

We all want them to think of us first. 

When they find our website, we want them to quickly see that we do in fact, have the solution they’re looking for and we have a clear path prepared for them so they know exactly what they need to do next to get that solution. 

Ready to see some examples of what this looks like in real life? 

Here are those StoryBrand website examples you’ve been looking for. Virtu Cosmetic Surgery

Virtu Cosmetic Surgery

The surgeons launching this new local practice came to us for all their initial branding work. We created their new brand name, brand strategy, foundational StoryBrand messaging, and logo with all their visual brand design. We then wrote and designed their new website, lead generator, and sales emails to complete their StoryBrand sales funnel. We're also assisting them with public relations and ads. We love our partnership with Virtu to create, launch, and grow their dream-come-true practice.

The Value Stack Section of Your StoryBrand Website

If you take a look at the white curved space near the bottom of the header, you'll see what we often call the Value Stack. When we create a StoryBrand Brandscript, we pull from the Success part of the brandscript to get this information. It's also possible to get ideas for the Value Stack from the Character section, specifically the part that answers the question, What does the character (your customer) want?

The purpose of the Value Stack is to make it super easy for your website visitors to scan the main headings so they can immediately see possible positive benefits or outcomes as a result of buying from you.

In the case of Virtu, we chose Efficient and Convenient, Transparent Pricing, and The Results You Want.

Lilivy Postpartum

Lilivy Postpartum

Dr. Stephanie Sublett came to us with her beautiful idea for a boutique postpartum practice offering personalized, specialized, and supportive medical care that prioritizes moms' needs after childbirth. We LOVE building brands from scratch! We named her practice Lilivy and created a solid brand strategy, message, and visuals. We then wrote and designed her website, lead generator, and sales emails to complete her sales funnel. We're thrilled for the moms who get the care they deserve with Stephanie!

The Main Header and Subheader of Your StoryBrand Website

We chose the main header text from the Philosophical Problem section of the brandscript. That's the section that talks about what's unjust or just not right about the problem your customer has.

In the case of Lilivy Postpartum, the injustice is that new moms shouldn't have to figure out this postpartum thing on their own. The main header is a subtle nod to the fact that something's just not right with the current state of postpartum care. Welcome to the way postpartum care should be.

Then, the subhead makes the point more clearly and just comes right out and says it.

Whether you're still expecting or have already had your baby, you don't have to figure out this postpartum thing on your own.

Stating the problem your customers are struggling with on a deeper level lets them know that you understand them. This builds trust and creates a heart-level connection so they are more likely to continue to scroll and explore your website instead of leaving in a few seconds like most people do when they visit a website for the first time.



Our client's product helps you stay healthy during travel, especially if you have food allergies. Nocci is the only USB-powered travel blender with a micro filter for on-the-go pulp-free plant and nut milk, juices, smoothies, coffee drinks, mimosas, and shakes. We named the blender Nocci, created the visual branding, logo, product packaging, copywriting, StoryBrand messaging, and e-commerce website.

An E-Commerce StoryBrand Website Example

We chose the main header of the Nocci website from the Character section of the brandscript. What does the character, or hero of the story want? They want a way to make healthy drinks on the go. So we chose Drink Healthy on the Go With Nocci.

If you go to the actual website, you'll see the Value Stack just under the header.

Avoid bad ingredients, Prevent food waste, Clean up in seconds.

Next comes the Philosophical Problem:

You don't have to give up healthy habits when you travel.

Many times on an e-commerce site, we'll highlight a product or a product category directly under the header with a brightly colored call to action button Buy Now or Shop Now.

On nearly every website, we include a 3-Step Plan. In the case of Nocci, our StoryBrand 3-Step Plan is simple and fun.

  1. Mix

  2. Blend

  3. Enjoy

Ready to StoryBrand Your Website?

Now that you’ve seen these StoryBrand website examples, are you ready to tackle your website? 

If you’d like a free 15-minute consultation or website review, you can schedule a call with me here

If you’d like to hire me and my team to help you create a clear StoryBrand message and write and design your website (or rewrite and redesign your current site), let’s talk! During our call, I can give you accurate pricing, and explain how our easy website creation process works.

Whether you're a new brand or an established brand, I often recommend a marketing diagnostic and roadmap so we can offer strategic counsel first and make sure the foundation we're going to build on is solid. Then based on our learnings, we can create a website that will help you avoid wasting time and money on a website that doesn't work, and instead create a website that works as your strategic partner to help you reach your goals. If you’re a DIYer,  check out this free resource, my Write-A-Site Mini-Course! 

What questions do you have about how the StoryBrand framework can help you improve your website and reach your ideal customer? Let’s talk!

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